Saturday, May 23, 2009

1. What are the objectives of Universal Zulu Nation and what is the aim of setting up the Malaysian Chapter?

Lord Yoda X: The objectives of The Universal Zulu Nation are many- mostly we are truth seekers as well as teachers and students. We educate through the use of Hip-Hop Culture. The Malaysian chapter would be set up to help other chapters learn of the culture there. As well as going into the community and teaching the youth. Helping in community affairs. also spreading true Hip-Hop culture through the country.

King Khazm: The goal of the UZN is to be able to provide a platform for young people to come together and be a part of something that is positive and is constructive to the local community. We use the artistic elements of Hip Hop Culture as an outlet for expression and a means in which we can celebrate our individuality, peacefully in unity.

2. What will being a member of Universal Zulu Nation mean?

Lord Yoda X: Becoming a member of The Universal Zulu Nation means being apart of a worldwide organization. We are the first family of Hip-Hop.

King Khazm: Being a member means you are a contributing factor to the preservation and elevation of Hip Hop Culture. It means that with strength in numbers we can overcome any obstacle in life and society. We are the positive change we want to see.

4. What is Hip Hop culture and how is B-Boying related to it?

Lord Yoda X: There are 5 elements of Hip-Hop 1. D.J'ing, 2 M.C'ing 3 Graff art 4 Bboy'ing 5 Knowledge. As you can see bboying is an element of the whole culture.

King Khazm: Pioneers such as DJ Kool Herc and DJ Afrika Bambaataa would host massive block parties that would set the landscape for Hip Hop's birth in the early 70's in the Bronx, New York. It was DJ's like these who used two turntables and a mixer to extend certain portions of records, particularly classic Funk records, to extend the breakdown of the song. These breakdown's are generally the part of the song that contains a fast drum pattern and bassline. From here the "breaks" were born and energized dancers would innovate a whole new style of dance. These people were called the Break Boys, or B-Boys (amongst other names) and it all evolved from there.

5. How can a B-Boy contribute to the breakdance scene, both internationally and locally?

Orbitron: Bboying helps keep kids off the streets and into a more positive outlet. One Bboy can inspire others to want to learn about hip hop culture. One Bboy can teach others how to express them selves physically and mentally by giving out information that was taught to him or her. Throwing bboy events in different places is one way to spread the knowledge or having work shops and so fourth.

6. Do you think Malaysian / Asian B-boys have a unique style of their own in terms of their performance? If so, how do they differ from other countries?

King Khazm: The great thing about Hip Hop is that it's Universal. It transcends the barriers of humanity, language, gender, nationality, religion ..everything- it is the melting pot of the world. With that every region has it's own flavor and style, because every region has it's own culture and influences to bring to the table.. or in this case the dance floor. :) Some of the illest dancers in the world are from Asia!

7. Relate one performance (that could have happened anywhere) that has made the strongest impression on you.

Lord Yoda X: For me on of the most memorable performances was going out to Iraq and Kuwait and djing for the troops. They were so appreciative. It was a great feeling to be able to make them happy and take their minds off of the war if only for a few hours. To see the joy in their faces was priceless and I will never forget.

8. How can a fellow breakdancer make a passion into a promising career? Do you think Malaysian / Asian breakdancers are ready for the professional scene?

Orbitron: Bboying has to come from the heart before you can make a career out of this art form but if that is your dream. Then it is possible. In some places around the world bboying is very popular to be able to have a career. I don't know the scene in Malaysia but I'm sure it's possible for them to be ready for the professional scene. It depends on how much they really want that.

9. What other avenues are there for B-boys to showcase their talent apart from Floor Combat and B-Boy competitions?

Orbitron: Other avenues is the media. Right now internet sites like YouTube and I'm sure countless others are ways for bboys to show there talents on video. It's a perfect way for exposure for up and coming bboys in there local scene.

10. Is there any difference between Hip Hop fashion and B-Boy fashion? Where did it come from? What’s the latest look this season?

Lord Yoda X: Hip-Hop fashion is what it is you where what you feel comfortable in. Hip-Hop has no dress code. The bboys/bgirls wear whats comfortable to them so they can do those dopr moves.

King Khazm: A true Hip Hop head is a B-Boy (or B-Girl). If Hip Hop is in your veins and you exemplify the culture- you are a B-boy. With that said, I see "Hip Hop fashion" and "B-Boy fashion" as one and the same. Street Fashion, just like all the elements of Hip Hop, are derived from being original and innovative. It's not about the clothes you wear, it's how you wear your clothes. Often-times young people couldn't afford the designer clothes and the latest labels, so what they did is they created there own gear. Whether airbrushing your jeans, designing your own jackets, or wearing your cap to the side, it was all about expressing your individuality and being creative.

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